Steel, Vinyl, and Aluminum Sheet Piling

Choosing the right piling material is vital for any marine construction project, whether it’s a job on support foundations, retaining walls, or another structure. At Yelton Construction, we offer piling materials in a range of compositions and varieties with top-of-the-line corrosion rates and quality assurance. Depending on your structural needs, we typically recommend steel sheet, vinyl, or aluminum sheet piling. 

Learn more about the uses and advantages of each of these piling materials below!


Steel Sheet Piling

Steel sheet piles are most commonly employed for retaining soil or water, making them an ideal option for long and tall structures. They function especially well due to their vertical interlocking design, creating continuous walls that can be driven or drilled into the ground. 

When it comes to steel sheet piling, deep construction projects are best serviced by a Z-shape fabrication. Lightweight “gauge” materials may also be employed for shallow bulkheading and trenchwork. 

Although corrosion can be reduced by requesting corrosion-resistant steel, another economic alternative uses a protective coating of concrete to cover the metal piling sheets. At Yelton Construction, our professional team knows how to discern the right option for you based on an assessment of your potential corrosion zones, environmental factors, budget, and more.

Vinyl (PVC) Piling

Vinyl sheet piling is one of the newest materials available in the world of seawall and marine construction. Composed of a plastic resin compound (PVC), these versatile sheets can be extruded and molded, lengthened and shortened, ready to meet the dimension requirements of virtually all project specifications.

Like steel sheets, vinyl piling is often fabricated into a supportive Z-configuration with interlocking edges. Thanks to an advanced extruding process, the connection points between sheet edges ensure consistent durability and strength across the span of the structure. 

Despite the benefits of its versatility, it is worth noting that this material, due to its composition, has a low-elasticity modulus and less strength than its metal sheet counterparts. When factoring deflection and deformation loads, consider whether your vinyl will stand up to the test. 

Aluminum Sheet Piling

Generally used for bulkheads, water control structures, and seawalls, aluminum sheet piling is a fantastic option for projects that require serious protection from the elements. Unlike steel, aluminum won’t corrode due to sand and water, and it won’t chip like concrete or wood piles. 

Additionally, aluminum sheet piling is one of the most lightweight materials for marine construction needs. These interlocking corrugated sheets are ideal for a number of projects, and here at Yelton, we have the expertise to get you the best piling product at the best possible price.

Yelton Construction has been serving the St. Augustine area for more than three decades with state-of-the-industry services and materials. Our quality work and designs are expertly tailored to ensure that we bring your marina construction project to life in the way that you envisioned it — every time and with every undertaking.