Get the Perfect Boat Lift for Your Northeast Florida Property 

Boat lifts are one of the more valuable investments boat owners can make.  The advantages include:

  • Less chance of sinking. Most boats sink while they’re docked. With a boat lift, your boat is secure above turbulent water during storms. If it’s out of the water, it can’t sink.
  • A boat lift keeps your boat bottom clean, so you spend more time boating and less scrubbing. Constant contact with water causes algae to build up along the surface which results in time-consuming cleaning work.  With a boat lift, you can skip this step and head straight out on the water.
  • Increase resale value.  Dry storing prevents corrosion damage, increasing the value of your boat.  Boats stored with a boat lift typically have a 10-20% higher resale value compared to those stored in the water.  Dry storing your boat actually pays for itself!
  • Prevent hull and drive damage. Wet boat storage results in hull blisters and damage to outdrives, props, and shafts. Reduce wear and tear and improve the performance of your boat with a boat lift.

Work With Best Boat Lifts in the Business 

Yelton Construction works with top-notch boat lift manufacturers like DECO Boat Lifts to provide durable lifts of impeccable craftsmanship. The line of boat lifts we offer will suit the budget and needs of any boater. Product lines include elevator, beamless, traditional four-eight piling beam, and box-beam configurations.

Here’s some of our work:

The boat lifts Yelton installs (as with our residential marine construction services) are engineered to hold up against the harsh, corrosive marine environment. We design and construct boat lifts, docks, and boathouses that last decades.

Contact our St. Augustine FL office today if you’re ready to invest in a lift for your boat. We’ll help you get the right boat lift for your needs and also make sure you’ll have the flexibility to accommodate future upgrades like a canopy, boathouse, or dock extensions.

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