Get a Bulkhead, Seawall, or Retention Pond Built to Protect Your Florida Property

We all know the feeling. Hurricane season is coming. There will be a new name we’ll come to know. It was an ordinary name until the weather reporter started using it along with words like tropical storm and, of course, hurricane

Florida is a tropical paradise with beaches and waterfront properties that are the envy of the world. We are blessed to live in such a temperate, beautiful environment. 

But long-time residents know how fast that dream can transform into a nightmare.  Mother Nature can be cruel. We witnessed it ourselves here in St. Augustine in 2016 when Hurricane Matthew hit. 

Protection From the Storm

When the wind and rain come, the only thing that may spare your property from serious damage is a properly built bulkhead or seawall. These structures fortify the coastline along your property, preventing massive erosion and the push of floodwaters. 

Likewise, when heavy rains soak Florida homes, a retention pond may be what keeps the bottom floor of your house from becoming a pond itself. 

Yelton Construction builds bulkheads, seawalls, and retention ponds that are as close to indestructible as possible. We use top-grade materials such as wood, vinyl, composite, or steel depending on the needs of your project.  

Here’s some of our work:


We can design and construct protection from the elements that will be protecting future generations. We’ve seen the destructive power of storms and hurricanes first hand, and we know how to build barriers that keep the ocean where it belongs – out to sea.

Contact our St. Augustine FL office today to get a free estimate for your bulkhead, seawall, or retention pond project. Don’t wait until the next hurricane season turns another name into a force to fear. Protect your property by being prepared.

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