Tips For Choosing The Right Marine Contractor

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Many of the businesses lining the coast of Florida will at some point need to complete a marine construction project, whether it’s to enhance their commercial boat lift or repair a damaged boardwalk. No matter the type of marine construction a commercial property needs, it’s critical that the business owner finds a qualified marine contractor to ensure that the job gets done properly and efficiently. However, areas of specialization differ between marine construction companies, and this can make it difficult to know if your prospective contractor is the right fit for your project. 

In this article, we’ll give you some helpful tips on how to choose the right marine contractor for your commercial construction needs. Contact our team of professional marine contractors at Yelton Construction for more information on services in the Jacksonville area, and be sure to check out our commercial marine construction gallery to see photos of successful projects we’ve managed in Northeast Florida! 

Confirm The Contractor’s Area of Specialization

It sounds a bit obvious, but the first thing you want to do when searching for a marine contractor is to confirm that they do indeed specialize in coastal and freshwater construction services. Many inland contractors and general contractors do not have experience or industry expertise comparable to that of a marine contractor. Specialized projects of a technically trained marine contractor may include jetties, boat lifts, seawalls, bulkheads, and many other essential structures that your business may need. 

Furthermore, building on land is significantly different from the processes involved in marine construction. From the technical aspects of designs and unique environmental factors to the specialized equipment involved in the construction and installation of coastal structures, you need to be sure that your contractor has the knowledge and experience required to select the right materials and execute project phases in a proper manner. 

Narrow Down Your List of Local Marine Construction Companies

In an area like Jacksonville or St. Augustine, you’ll find an overwhelming number of marine construction companies, and even more options when it comes to independent contractors. But quantity is not the same as quality, and marine contractors can vary drastically in the services they provide and the types of projects they can complete. Consider what kind of project you need or want for your business and find marine construction professionals who can provide the means to get it done. At Yelton Construction, for instance, some of our specialties for commercial marine projects include (but are not limited to) observation decks, steel sheet piling installation, and barge and crane operations. 

Once you’ve identified a shortlist of local companies that can provide project-specific services that match your requirements, you’re ready to move onto the next step in selecting the right marine contractor.

Meet With Preferred Marine Contractors Near You

One of the most important factors in any contractor-client relationship is professional compatibility, so to determine whether a marine contractor is truly the best fit for your construction project, you’ll first need to assess whether you’ll work well together as people. Schedule a conversation or initial consultation with the marine construction companies on your list. 

During your discussion, ask them about their professional experience, their work habits, the reputation of the company, their understanding of materials used in marine construction, and their general price points and fee structure for projects. Not only will this give you more insight into how they will approach your project, but it gives you the opportunity to understand them better as a person. 

You don’t want to work with a marine construction company if their employees don’t have a strong sense of professional integrity, so taking the time to contact a marine contractor is one of the most important elements in making the right decision.

Insist On Quality Service From A Marine Construction Company

The bottom line of any marine construction project is not price, but rather the quality of the end product. Whether you’re seeking services for a major floating dock renovation or a steel seawall installation, you should insist on nothing but the best for your business. At Yelton Construction, our team of professional marine contractors have been providing top-rated services for more than thirty years. Our dedicated to quality workmanship is seen in our long history of successful projects and positive client reviews, but don’t just take our word for it — contact us today to get to know our team of experts, and get an idea of what we can do by exploring our large photo gallery of marine construction projects in Jacksonville.