Share a Boat Dock and Boathouse to Enjoy Florida’s Waters With Your Neighbors

If you own a property in Northeast Florida where the waterfront is shared, or if you own waterfront property but want help investing in a boat dock and/or boathouse, then Yelton Construction has you covered. We’re experienced helping neighbors plan, finance, and build shared docks and boathouses. 

It’s very helpful to engage an experienced marine construction company like Yelton with a shared dock project. These things can get sticky, so having financial and property access details in place is critical. We’ll sit down with your group to make sure the logistics of a shared dock are viable and clear. Then we’ll plan the construction project so adequate structures are in place.  

Shared Docks and Boathouses are Beneficial and Practical

When you organize a shared dock or boathouse correctly, it’s a beneficial plan for everyone. It’s practical because in many areas it’s not really necessary for every homeowner to have their own dock. In fact, overbuilding along the waterfront can be a blight and often becomes a matter of contention between property owners. 

With the right design, a shared dock will be sufficient for everyone, and of course, you can save money by sharing the costs.  

Here’s some of our work:


Likewise, with Yelton Construction managing your project and building your dock, you know that the quality of the work won’t become a problem. With our experience and resources, we can provide accurate estimates so your project comes in on time and on budget. This will make the process of building a shared dock agreeable for everyone involved. 

Contact our St. Augustine FL office today if you’re ready to look into a shared dock and boathouse in your neighborhood. Before you know it, your neighbors will be the best friends to boat and share sunsets with, lounging on a dock you’re all proud to own.

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