Add Value to Your Florida Property with an Observation Deck 

Yelton Construction is an experienced Florida marine construction company with a particularly strong level of expertise in dealing with water projects. But boardwalks, dune walkovers, and observation decks are also part of our repertoire. 

An observation deck is one of the best ways to increase the value of either a commercial or residential property. Not only does it increase resale value, but it also makes the property more enjoyable because you can take in the incredible views our state has to offer. 

Observation Decks for Restaurants and Commercial Businesses

For some commercial businesses, a well-designed observation deck is a strong customer draw. For example, restaurants and bars in prime locations with exceptional views find that an observation deck is an investment that pays-off in a big way. People come to the Florida coast to enjoy the outdoors and feel the sea air on their skin. The right observation deck lets them enjoy the beauty of our state while spending more at your establishment. 

Yelton Construction is synonymous with quality in marine construction. This applies no less to observation decks. We partner with top marine construction brands and manufacturers to maintain our stringent quality standards, and you’ll get that same level of service with your observation deck project. Our expertise with dock and boardwalk construction crosses over to observation decks, allowing us to plan, design, and build the perfect deck for your home or business. 

Contact our St. Augustine FL office today to get a free estimate for your observation deck project. If there is a view on your property, you owe it to your customers and yourself to build a deck that allows people to enjoy it.

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