The Advantages of a Multi-Family Floating Dock

At Yelton Construction of St. Augustine Florida, we specialize in marina construction for neighborhoods, HOAs, apartment complexes and retirement communities. These are commercial projects designed for heavy public use. For example, we do many commercial marina projects for residential areas. 

In some cases, neighborhoods with shared waterfront space do best with a multi-family floating dock. Floating docks are affordable, versatile, and super fun for everyone with access.

For multi-family use, Yelton builds large modular docks that can be customized for almost any type of use. 

Modular Designs 

Floating docks have a modular design that fit together kind of like Legos. The docks can be customized into multiple shapes and sizes. They can be configured into just about any design you can imagine and reconfigured as needed. The ability to add or reconfigure the dock is a big advantage for commercial, shared docks because as neighborhoods grow you may need to expand or upgrade your dock. 

Yelton Construction will inspect your property and discuss your needs to configure a floating dock that’s perfect for your commercial property.

Superior Materials 

Floating docks are one of the most practical investments property owners can make for their Northeast Florida property. They are tough, slip-resistant, and extremely versatile. 

Yelton Construction is known for partnering with some of the best marine construction manufacturers in the business, so our commercial floating docks are always heavy-duty. 

Floating docks work really well because the pylon chamber designs allow them to remain stable in rough conditions while easily adapting to changing water levels. The heavy-duty construction, locking systems, and gangways are built from durable polyethylene construction that lasts decades.  Floating docks installed 30 years ago are still going strong today.  

A commercial or shared-family neighborhood dock in Florida is going to get heavy use, so the construction needs to be iron-clad. Likewise, you want a design system that can change as your needs change. There is no design more versatile than a modular floating dock. 

Contact Yelton Construction today to get an estimate on your commercial multi-use family dock. We work out of St. Augustine and offer marine construction in Palm Coast, Palatka, Ponte Vedra Beach, Jacksonville Beach, Flagler Beach, Bunnell and other areas including St. Johns County, Putnam County, Flagler County, Duval County, and Volusia County. 

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