Author: Jennifer Reed


As any nautical enthusiast in Jacksonville will tell you, a proper boat lift is an essential component of nearly every dock structure. In surrounding Florida towns such as St. Augustine and St. Johns, this is especially true, which is why Yelton Construction prides itself on being one of the only top-rated marine contractors in the […]

Bulkheads vs. Seawalls: What’s The Difference?

At our marine construction company in St. Augustine, we encounter a lot of frequently asked questions from our clients, whether they’re working with us to build their first residential marina, or they’re getting their beachfront business ready for the summer tourist season. One of the most common inquiries we receive at Yelton Construction is: What’s […]

Tips For Choosing The Right Marine Contractor

Many of the businesses lining the coast of Florida will at some point need to complete a marine construction project, whether it’s to enhance their commercial boat lift or repair a damaged boardwalk. No matter the type of marine construction a commercial property needs, it’s critical that the business owner finds a qualified marine contractor […]